Parish Pastoral Council

The Pastoral Council is the central consultative body in the parish and assists the pastor in the direction of the parish.  The Council discerns the needs of the parish community, oversees parish goals, and assists in setting parish priorities. Along with the pastor, the pastoral associate, and a member of the Finance Council the Pastoral Council consists of 10 parishioners who serve three-year terms. Elections are held annually in the spring.

The Parish Council email address is:

Due to the ongoing pandemic, concerns about safely running an in-person election, and many parishioners unable to attend Mass in person, the Parish Pastoral Council has decided to cancel elections for 2020.  The next Parish Council elections will be held in Spring, 2021.   If you have any questions or concerns please email us at


Chairperson: David Ciechanowicz
Vice-Chairperson: Jim Csenar
Secretary: Tom Edwards


Margaret Bauer, David Ciechanowicz, Mike Clouse, Jim Csenar, Tom Edwards, John Haley, Cynthia Han, Vicki Murphy, Mary Ann O’Neal, and Anne Thompson.

Finance Council Representative:  Jim McMechan

Staff Members:   Father Paul Shikany, Father Jude Meril

Name                          Email address
Margaret Bauer 
David Ciechanowicz
Mike Clouse      
Jim Csenar        
Tom Edwards     
Cynthia Hahn                 TBA
John Haley         
Jim McMechan   
Vicki Murphy       
Mary Ann O’Neal
Anne Thompson 

Click below for minutes of the meetings.