10 Things We Want You To Know About The Catholic Faith

1 We’re Christian...

“Are you Christian or are you Catholic?” We hear that a lot, and our answer is—
yes! Yes we’re Catholic and yes we’re Christian. Jesus is the center of our lives and
our Catholic faith calls us to a personal relationship with Him as well as membership
in His Body, the Church.

2 We love the Bible...

The Catholic Church is Bible-based! We proclaim Sacred Scripture at daily
Mass and even more on Sundays. The prayers of the Mass and many of our personal
prayers use the words of the Bible. Holy Scripture is incorporated with our lifelong
religious education.

3 A lot of good things get done when we work in faith...

Catholics feed more people, clothe more people, shelter more people, educate
more people and provide medical care for more people than all religious groups on
earth. It’s not a contest. We encounter Jesus when we serve with fellow Christians
and all people of good will.

4 We don’t always live up to our high calling...

We’re supposed to be friendly, welcoming and joyful. But we don’t bat a
thousand in those areas. If you’ve ever visited a Catholic parish and felt unwelcome,
please come back. Through prayer and service of others we try to show the love of
Christ in all we do.

5 Although we don’t worship her, we think that the Mother of Jesus—Mary—is very special...

When you have a good friend, chances are you know her or his mother and probably
appreciate her role in helping your friend be the person that she or he is. The Person
of Jesus has a mom. In the same way you’d ask a family member to pray for you, we
ask the Blessed Virgin Mary to pray for us and all who seek her Son, our Lord.

6 Our authority structure helps us offer clear and consistent teaching...

Jesus promised that the Holy Spirit would keep His Church free from error in her
doctrinal and moral teaching. That’s a tall order, but Jesus keeps His promises and
calls the successors to the Apostles—our bishops throughout the world—to teach in
His name with authority and love.

7 We believe that one way Jesus keeps His promise to be with us is through the 7 Sacraments...

We can see, touch, taste and smell as well as hear; God made us that way! In the
Sacraments we personally experience the presence of Jesus in ways that complement
our encounter with Him in the Bible. In Word and Sacrament Jesus has a personal
relationship with us as our Savior.

8 Our worship is unique in a good way...

God loves us too much to leave us guessing about how He wants to be
worshipped. While Jesus died and rose just once to save us all from sin and death,
the Mass allows us to be present for that most pleasing sacrifice, and to please our
heavenly Father by our worship. Prayer services are great. Talks can inspire. But the
Mass is how we fulfill Jesus’ command to “Do this in memory of me.”

9 We want all people of good will to work with us so that together we can build a civilization of love...

A person of good will knows that some behaviors are better than others and wants
to work with all people not based on opinions about right and wrong but on truly
discerning the best courses of action for individuals and communities. People of
good will come in all shapes, sizes, colors and faiths. We love and respect you. Let’s
work together to know and do God’s will.

10 We would love to have you visit us—and maybe even stay a while...

“My house is your house!” This phrase expresses the welcoming, joyful attitude
that we aspire to in all our parishes. Catholic churches are houses of worship where
visitors often find a quiet place to pray. At Mass when the community worships—and
it isn’t quiet—booklets at every seat usually explain what to do at various points in
the experience, especially when it’s time for Holy Communion. Please stop by and
visit; we’d love to see you.